STUDY: Gun Control Laws Make No Difference

Gun Control Does not Work

A recent study was conducted in several states to see whether gun control laws were effective at decreasing gun crimes.

The study was done in several states that have adopted tougher gun control laws in recent years. The study was done in Colorado, Delaware, and Washington. The study revolved around tougher background checks to licensed gun dealers and private gun shows. What were the results? The results showed surprise, that the tougher gun control laws made no difference in decreasing gun crimes.Gun Control Does Not Work

The study suspects that the main reason was because people were not following the law. Law-abiding citizens broke the law in order to receive guns. The study stated that the law was met with great controversy in Washington as people rallied outside of Washington’s capital to show their disapproval for the new laws.


Fox News:

Gun violence experts from the Center for Gun Policy and Research and the Violence Prevention Research Program conducted a study in Washington state, Colorado and Delaware to analyze whether state laws requiring more background checks actually resulted in more checks.

The results, published in medical journal Injury Prevention, suggest the laws had little impact.

The study does not reach a definitive conclusion as to why background checks did not jump — but it could be a combination of poor enforcement and people choosing not to follow the law.

“Non-compliance may explain the lack of an overall increase in background checks in Washington and Colorado,” the report said

The report, which comes amid a renewed gun control debate in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, also blamed the findings on “insufficient enforcement of the law” by state authorities. Law enforcement officials in Colorado reportedly stated they would not enforce the law, and some retailers reportedly declined to process background checks for private party transfers.

This is proof that gun control laws are ineffective. If people want guns, they will do anything they can to get one. This study continues to prove if an unstable individual wants a gun, he or she will get one. This should open liberals’ eyes and see that guns are not the problem.

If you want my opinion, people are the problem. Mental illness is the problem. A lot of these mass shootings have been committed by unstable individuals who should not be out in public. Mental health is a very serious issue that no one is addressing. People with mental disorders either need to be treated or locked away in a mental health facility. If the government can’t address the main issue, the problem will never go away.




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