BOOM: Miami Dolphins Owner And Coach Force Players To Stand For Anthem

Miami Dolphins

Can You Say Domino Effect?

The NFL is literally drinking their liberal tears

I recently wrote an article on The Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who is requiring players to stand, or they will not play. I think this has something to do with it, but even more so, the constant decline in ratings is what’s driving this.

Miami DolphinsMiami Dolphins owner Steve Ross and head coach Adam Gase have made it a rule for each player to stand during the national anthem or go back in the tunnel. [I’m Okay With This.] They can protest away from the Stars and Stripes. Colin Kaepernick started a mess, didn’t he? I’m not going to go into a rant on the sorry bastard, but that’s what he is.
What do you think is the new thing? Staying in the tunnel during the anthem? Do you think all of this will blow over? I honestly believe that once the NFL union figures out they’re actually destroying the NFL, they will then stop with their bullshit. Who knows? Maybe this is a ploy to bring the NFL to its knees. Many liberals believe organized sports are disgusting, and would love to see all sports dismantled. Why do you ask? Liberals believe organized sports are misogynist, racist, and doesn’t represent equality in their eyes. I beg to differ.
Sun Sentinel Reports:

Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross, who had three players — wide receiver Kenny Stills, safety Michael Thomas and tight end Julius Thomas — kneel during the national anthem prior to last week’s game said Sunday he wished they would stand for the anthem. The trio ended up standing in the tunnel during the anthem and running onto the field afterward.

Coach Adam Gase implemented a policy Sunday requiring players to stand for the national anthem. Those who don’t wish to stand must stay in the locker room or in the tunnel.

Ross, who spoke about 90 minutes before the Dolphins’ 16-10 victory over Tennessee and the national anthem, said President Donald Trump has changed the focus of anthem conversation from social injustice issues to patriotism, so it’s better now for the players to stand.

“He’s changed that whole paradigm of what protest is,” Ross during his CommUnity Tailgate gathering at Hard Rock Stadium before Sunday’s home opener against Tennessee.

“And I think it’s incumbent upon the players today, because of how the public is looking at it, to really stand and really salute the flag.”

Ross said “whenever you’re dealing with the flag you’re dealing with something different” but he remains supportive of what Dolphins players did last season when Stills, Michael Thomas, former running back Arian Foster and former linebacker Jelani Jenkins chose to kneel during the national anthem.



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