Deli Owner Who Praised Vegas Shooting Has a Dark Past

‘White People Killing White People Is COMMUNITY OUTREACH!’

The white leftists have a hard time accepting who they are. They are so full of hatred for their own race. Caucasians in America have a giant target on their back thanks to Black Lives Matter, and mostly CNN. Don’t get me wrong. White people in the past haven’t had the best reputation of civil rights, but just like not all blacks, Hispanics, Asians, cops, gays are bad… not all white people are bad either.

Deli Owner

Check out this idiot’s tweet (he quickly deleted it). This is the true face of “white guilt,” or the made up BS from leftists who want whites to feel “bad” about being “white.”

This isn’t the first time the deli owner has been in the spotlight. In the past, Morelli has been very controversial especially when he used a drawing of Hitler in his deli to depict President Trump’s Alt-right supporters. It seems that this leftist doesn’t really understand what being a Nazi represents or else he would use his two senses when comparing a group of people who have never murdered anyone to a group that murdered millions. This is nothing new on the Left. They don’t even know their heads from their assholes the majority of the time.

Deli Owner


Chicago Tribune:

Highland Park deli is facing backlash over a Facebook post that includes a cartoon drawing of a man wearing a Nazi armband, giving a stiff-armed salute and donning a T-shirt reading, “I’m with Alt-Right.”

Greg Morelli, who owns Max’s Deli with his brother, posted the image last week. Morelli frequently posts the deli’s menu along with cartoon drawings he creates to the restaurant’s Facebook page. He said the recent events in Charlottesville inspired him to use the page to make a strong political statement.

“I have a Jewish deli, I am a Jewish man,” Morelli said. “I am the first person that’s going to get a brick through the window if this plague is not stopped immediately.”

Morelli, 49, said the image was of an alt-right member who has hair evocative of President Donald Trump, but was not meant to be a depiction of the president himself.

The full post and its related image are still on the deli’s Facebook page.

He said the deli was inundated with calls on Thursday as the post began to spread on Facebook and through news stories. Callers have been criticizing the post’s imagery and its political message, he said.

The effect of the post on his family has been difficult and Morelli says they are “done with him.”

“When you create a storm, everyone that loves you just wants you to take the easy path,” he said.

In a Facebook post on the restaurant’s page Thursday evening, Morelli did not back down from the discussion the initial image provoked.

“I do not regret getting involved. I do not regret speaking out,” he wrote. “I do not regret assigning symbolism to hatred. I do not regret being trashed on Facebook. That said, it hurt.”

Now we have a better understanding of why Morelli said what he said. He has no sympathy for anyone on the right. Here’s a funny thing. The very same thing he stands for (Communism) is exactly what would bring his business to the ground. He wouldn’t even be able to own a business because he would be taxed too much, and forced to shut down. That’s one thing leftists can’t seem to understand. Socialism, and Communism work against them. Dare we tell them to go live in the Middle East or somewhere where they’re taxed 65% of all income.

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