CNN BLASTS Clintons And OBAMA For Late Response On Weinstein

CNN BLASTS Clinton's

Shock CNN Puts The Obamas and Clintons On BLASTS!

Can You Believe This? Is The Clinton News Network Turning On Fellow Democrats?

CNNIn a shocking video, CNN anchors are pissed off and demanding answers to why Bill and Hillary Clinton along with Barack Obama took too long to comment on the Harvey Weinstein sexual allegations. The Left seems to always be late to the party. Hell, they would be late to their own hearing if they were the ones being groped.

There is a pattern with the Left when it comes to sexual assault, rape, and even pedophilia. If you remember, Roman Polanski raped a 13-year-old girl named Samantha Geimer in 1977. Hollywood WORSHIPED Polanski just like they do Weinstein. I’m a little impressed with CNN for this, but as you know, they’re not known for attacking leftists. The Left has a problem, and it’s sexual deviation. Lord knows once they’re at the pearly gates they will have to answer for their sins.

Harvey Weinstein is a well-known MEGA donor for Democrats. Money talks, follow the money in politics in every way, and you will see that Weinstein spent millions of his own money to fund Democratic campaigns. It’s well known in Hollywood that if you have a lot of money, and donate to the right causes, you can almost get away with murder. The video below shows just how puzzled CNN is when it took 5 days for the Clintons and Obamas to come out and denounce the action of Harvey Weinstein.


Daily Caller:

It took both Democrats five days to release statements about the allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Weinstein. Obama and Clinton were criticized by many for the long delay for several reasons, including the fact that they have both received large amounts of political donations from the Hollywood producer.

“This is not a trick question!” CNN anchor John Berman exclaimed. “I mean, this is a fairly easy one to respond to if you can read the articles and hear these stories.”

“Five days,” anchor Poppy Harlow asserted. “Five days after this report came out to condemn him.”

John Avlon, editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast, argued that the delayed responses indicate that money and relationships in politics are incredibly powerful.

“This is behavior that is indefensible–they should have come out against it earlier…it’s a reminder that no party has a monopoly on virtue or vice,” Avlon said.


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