BOOM: Watch What Happens When Antifa Thug Punches Reporter

Antifa Thug Punches Reporter

In The Land Of Antifa, Terrorists Think Barack Obama Is Still POTUS, And They’re Allowed To Do Whatever They Want

Antifa whose claim to be fighting “fascism” is in reality fighting fascism WITH fascism. They believe everything they do is justified, and for the common good of fighting evil. For some odd reason, they have this sense of entitlement that Barack Obama is still going to save them. They’re wrong. Dead wrong. There isn’t much they won’t do. If you’re like me then you’ve seen some pretty horrendous videos of these idiots destroying cities, and assaulting anyone that doesn’t stand with them. Their ideas are right out of Rules For Radicals by Alinsky.


In protests around the country, these paid fascists run around attempting to set false narratives and causing chaos wherever level-headed Conservatives live and work. They pretend to fight for a cause that has no bearing on the new leadership of America. If they were truly interested in stamping out fascism, they would have protested the Obama administration.

In a recent protest, Jack Posobiec of Rebel TV was reporting on their “cause” when one antifa punk on a bike rides up and attacks him…on camera.

What happens next shocked most of the people standing by.



Antifa Thug Punches Reporter

After this idiot decided to punch the cameraman in the face, he was arrested, and you can hear the little prick saying

For What?

For what? What do you mean for what? You just assaulted another human being. That’s your ass, isn’t it? Yes, it is. You chose to attack someone else because you disagreed with them. It’s perfectly fine to disagree, and have a logical debate, but physically putting your hands on someone else when you disagree with them is beyond human. It’s disgusting. If he were to attack you then yes, by all means, defend yourself. Your feelings being hurt is not self-defense.

What liberals can’t seem to understand is their feelings do not matter. No one cares what they think, or feel. Conservatives show their feelings at the polls. Trump won because his supporters were pissed at how they were treated the last eight years, and wanted REAL change; not to mention how Obamacare is destroying families with skyrocketing premiums.

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