Alyssa Milano Shows Us How She’s Hollywood’s Hypocrite Mouthpiece

Alyssa Milano

Dead broke Hollywood starlet Alyssa Milano is always the first one on Twitter to call President Trump out!

Milano recently tweeted out (with no proof) accusations of sexual misconduct of the president. What evidence does she have? A recent NPR article claims are all the proof needed. Apparently, she doesn’t understand how every single woman that comes forward with some accusations against President Trump are debunked, and even some retracted their statements. Facts do not matter to Milano. Don’t be Alyssa Milano.

Where was all the outrage when Harvey Weinstein’s PROVEN sexual allegations came to light? We didn’t see her on Twitter bashing him or calling her feminist friends to speak out. No, that doesn’t fit her liberal narrative. Once again, Milano proves how ignorant she is, and doesn’t understand how this works.

In a recent interview, Milano tries to justify why she was silent for so long when it came to Weinstein:

Reports Secret:

When accusations of serial sexual abuse began coming out against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, many entertainment industry elites quickly “chose sides.”

Some Hollywood insiders came forward with their own stories of abuse, while others, like washed up actress Alyssa Milano, remained silent for as long as possible.

Milano, who finally denounced Weinstein, said that she waited so long to do so out of “respect” for his wife and children.

The audacity of that comment is staggering, considering Milano didn’t hesitate to publicly accuse President Trump of “sexual misconduct” based on a proven lie, and gave no consideration to his wife or children.

Milano, like all liberals, is an opportunist who pretends to care when necessary, and had no problems slandering President Trump with absolutely no proof.

In the end, Alyssa Milano was silent about Harvey Weinstein because she wanted to keep her D-List career afloat, not because she “respected” his family’s privacy.

What in the actual sam hell? Out of “respect” for his wife and children? What about Trump’s wife, and kids? Oh wait, they’re not Hollywood leftists. Therefore, they’re fair game, right Alyssa? Someone needs to dig some stuff up on this skank and sink her deep into oblivion. She’s nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Hollywood elite. Milano has zero credibility when it comes to bashing the POTUS. She also has ZERO proof that he did ANYTHING she, and the rest of the Hollyweirdos claim.

We see how far Hollywood has sunken, and continues to do so. People like George Clooney, who recently was accused of Sexual Misconduct have been silent on every significant Hollywood issue and proceeded to bash President Trump.

Hollywood loves to tell us, peasants, what we should, and shouldn’t do while doing the exact opposite. Electing Donald Trump was the most significant kick in the teeth for them. There has never been a more upset Hollywood. Milano is what we call “trash” in real America.

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