A REAL PATRIOT: Only ONE Steelers Player Stands For National Anthem

ONE Steelers Player Stands For National Anthem

 Only ONE Steelers Player Stands For National Anthem

Former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva, who plays offensive tackle for the Steelers decided to go against the grain by standing for the national anthem, showing his fellow fallen soldiers the utmost respect. Unlink the rest of his team, Villanueva is a real American Patriot. The rest of the Steelers team decided to stay in the locker room, and now even

ONE Steelers Player Stands For National Anthem

 show their faces. What get’s me is how these people think it’s okay to disrespect Americas fallen when they had nothing to do with it. The political climate hasn’t been this intense since the Vietnam war. Not only is “anti-fascist” fascist trying to block the first amendment, but we now have these idiots who think it’s okay to show total disrespect for the United States. Colin Kaepernick’s movement is really taken off, and he’s taken the NFL with him. These idiots will wake up when they realize that nobody is really watching them anymore, and no one gives a damn about their little protest. In fact, their wallets are soon to be slim if you haven’t already witnessed the downfall of viewership. People like NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell are enabling these fools by letting them know that it’s perfectly fine to disrespect the American Flag and Servicemen. It’s people like him who are creating an environment where the rich get to do what they want, and we the peasants are called racist if we speak out against their actions. I say no more. Boycott any sport that condones such behavior. Let’s send them a message!

President Trump couldn’t have said it better, and I stand by his comments!


I agree that everyone has the right to protest, but when it comes to entertainment like Football, these players should realize that we don’t need them. They can easily be replaced. Not only are they millionaires who will never endure another hardship in their lives, but they’re here for our entertainment, and if the vast majority doesn’t want them to kneel, then by God let’s boycott, and hit them where it hurts.

The Most amazing part of this is the fact that The Chicago Bears ended up beating The Steelers in this game. 23-17. Karma is the biggest bitch!

Thank you, Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva For Your Service, and True Understanding Of The National Anthem! You Deserve A Raise!


Villaneuva played in college at West Point Military Academy before going on to become an Army Ranger. He served three tours in Afghanistan and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Valor. He was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2014 before eventually joining the Steelers.

An NFL.com article earlier this year said that Villanueva first caught Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin’s eye “because of the way he stood during the national anthem.”

NFL players around the league are kneeling in protest during the national anthem, following President Trump’s statement that players who do so should be fired.

A large number of Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens players knelt during the national anthem during their game in London on Sunday, but remained standing during God Save The Queen.


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