The Feminization of Men: What the hell happened?

The Feminization of MEN!

Political Correctness has Run A Muck!

Whatever happened to just being a MAN?

The real question is… What in the fuck has happened to men? Why is it that men are becoming more feminine? The answer is very simple. POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! This just didn’t happen overnight. For many years men have become more pussified, and less brute. It’s total chaos. As a gay man who loves to hunt, and fish, grow my beard out and watch Alabama football…this really pisses me off. Yeah, I’m not your typical fag. Hell, you wouldn’t even know that I was gay unless I told you. No, I don’t have a bumper sticker on the back of my car that says ” COEXIST”.

Call me old fashion, but carrying a purse around or a “Man bag” is for Queers. It’s time we get back to being just men, and not giving a shit what anyone thinks about us. Look at Joe Biggs. That neanderthal is a man’s, man! Men have a duty to God and Country. We must not let the Feminazis and college “safe space”  pussies dictate that.

I give you “RompHIM”

Oh, where do I start on this lovely piece of shit clothing? Well, a romper is basically a jumpsuit for women. Don’t get me wrong, UPS drivers wear them, and James Bond wore one in
“Goldfinger”. That doesn’t mean shit. ACED Design started a Kickstarter to fund their new line of “RompHIM”, and ended up striking a gold mine. With a little over 270K dollars raised, they’re now ready to ship. It’s insane because this product really looks like a group of gay’s would wear it. Well, look at their video, and you tell me.

From ACED Design:

Feminzation Of Men

Yeah, no. There will be no breaking hearts, but the turning of heads will definatly happen when someone yells ” What a fag” or, “Is that your sisters romper?” Who in their right mind is going to wear this attrocious fabric? Look at it, and tell me if you would.

Feminization of men

Let me finish.

It’s time we stand up, and stop allowing the Politically correct left destroy our lives. For far too long we’ve allowed this, and it’s time to put an end to it. We do NOT need people like Caitlyn Gender ( HAHA) or anyone of the type telling us how to live our lives. If you want to eat red meat and hunt for sport then by the grace of God DO IT! If you want your boys to grow up men, and not pussies then make sure these people do not warp their fragile minds. God bless ya, and I hope you wake the fuck up!



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Ethan Sabo

Author: Ethan Sabo

Openly Gay Conservative Republican Stomping The Stereotype! Fighting For Freedom & Against Political Correctness!

12 thoughts on “The Feminization of Men: What the hell happened?

  1. Not trying to be funny, but maybe that’s why men have nipples, maybe they naturally have a bit of ‘women’ in them.
    I LOVE effeminate men, mind you, effeminate and NOT gay

  2. Look who controls the media, and you’ll see who’s distorting US minds; to make this nation ripe for takeover. Also, see that even *israels* military allows the queer soldiers to hold hands, kiss in public.

  3. This whole article shows how toxic and fragile masculinity could be. I’m all for “live however makes you happy.” But I don’t think a man needs to be a redneck to be a man. You don’t need to go hunting to be a man, you don’t need to bite a living cow and swallow it’s flesh to be a man… I guess where I’m getting is that, you don’t need to be a savage that lives in the woods to be a man.

    OP is close and narrow minded. And his internalized homophobia, plus cognitive dissonance is sad to read. So basically you’re asking people to stop being feminine and live however they want to be, while also making them feel bad for living how they want to live. You’re saying Caitlyn “Gender” is brainwashing people into living “femininely” and telling people to stop listening to whatever people like her has to say because they’re being brainwashed, while also writing a pathetic, 3rd grade level article about how men should act more like men. Which is mainly to make those men who are feminine feel bad about being feminine.

  4. I’m with you, Ethan. Ever since I ‘came out’ people have offered plenty of critique over my cis-male tastes. Moreover, and more damagingly, some have also criticized my penchant for leather, even going so far as to say they’re surprised I still haven’t “grown out of” this “phase” yet. (Hint: I never will.) My saying this is not a sign of “internalized homophobia” as some twits may opine, quite the opposite. It’s an in-their-face declaration that their feathers and their boas are for them to wear, not for me. And when they turn into big snowflakes over it, like previous commenter “Frank” just did, I laugh right in their faces. Big, hearty, manly, burly laughter in their faces while they lecture my about why I’m so “toxic” to them. Then I tell them to fuck off and go wipe their noses with their rompers.

  5. Stop. Political correctness has nothing to do with men wanting more choices. I think the rompers are laughable but if some guy chooses to wear them it doesn’t affect me one bit. Stop worrying about what others choose to do. Worry about being a better human being.

  6. Would you date a man in a skirt or dress? I wouldn’t.

    If I wanted something that poorly resembled a woman, I’d (God forbid) go for the real thing.

    Makes sense in my mind.

  7. Hahahahaa hilarious. I checked my white male priviledge by identifying as non binary since it would seem communists are busy redefining 1’s and 0’s. I saw this romper shit a day ago and thought what a bunch of brain dead idiots getting told what is trendy next. There aee basically no eeal men left and what remains is a culture of fast food sex addicts that are so ignorant they dont even realize how gross they are! I call them bird brains. I wont let them define my life for me they can sit on their hammer and sickle and rotate on it. What a disgusting, short sighted, fruitless culture. Let grindr be the evidence for it.

  8. I am a straight mans man. Like you i hunt. Don’t fish often but that’s because i don’t have a boat. But i do like lip gloss and have been know to go all over town in my jeans,camoflauge shirt, and steal toed cowboy boots while wearing full make-up. Had a fun time doing it too. Wasn’t even halloween. If you fell about blasting someone because they aren’t like you maybe you should look inward. So what if a guy wears a dress or make-up. More power to them. Live and let live or live and let die. You are taking a political stance on people not like you. Doea that make you better than them?

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