Dale Jr. Quotes JFK, Then Supports National Anthem Protesters

Dale Jr. Quotes JFK, Then Supports National Anthem Protesters

You bet that Dale Earnhardt Senior is rolling in his grave this morning.

NASCAR fans around the world are waking up to the news that their hero Dale Earnhardt Jr has sided with the NFL players who kneeled during the national anthem. NASCAR is one of the most redneck, and conservative sports out there. I can tell you this, about 99.9% of its fans are conservatives, and Dale Jr just put the nail in his coffin. NASCAR isn’t like any other sport out there.

Jr. Tweeted

“All Americans R granted rights 2 peaceful protests. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable -JFK”

Yes, that is correct, but a peaceful protest doesn’t include disrespecting the very same people who make sure your rights are secure. This goes further than anything we’ve ever seen. Yes, there have been many on the Left over the years that have burned American flags and held rallies to promote a different way of life, but never have we had entire sports teams showing complete disrespect for the country. As athletes and multimillionaires, the idiots have zero to complain about. They have been given life after their few years of hard work in high school, and college. They will never have to worry about anything ever again. It’s insane. They honestly look down at us as peasants. I think it’s time we stand up against this BS, and boycott every single sports, and race just to show them that WE THE PEOPLE can make, or break them.

The Hill:

In response to another tweet telling him to be careful when commenting on these issues, Earnhardt said he agrees it’s a complex issue, before adding: “But some team owners spoke on this.”

His comments come after Trump last week attacked NFL players who refuse to stand during the national anthem.

On Sunday, many players across the country knelt or locked arms during their first games since Trump’s comments.

Several NASCAR team owners said Sunday they wouldn’t condone drivers protesting during the national anthem.

Former NASCAR champion Richard Petty told The Associated Press that any member of his team would be fired if they chose to protest the national anthem.

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  1. Your so called group if you don’t RESPECT THIS COUNTRY it wont hurt my feelings or others if you all pack up and move to another country.

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