New Conservative Network Set To Rival The Blaze/CRTV

Conservative Network

New Conservative Network Set To Rival The Blaze/CRTV

Liberal Media Networks Have A  New Rival, One That’s Truth-Telling, And Not Afraid To Call ANYONE OUT!

Let’s get something clear, Today’s mainstream media is out of control! We can all agree to that. There is nothing these people won’t do to keep their ratings up. They will lie, cheat, steal, and even fabricate stories that have put many Americans at risk. Yet, No one is held accountable. Bill O’Reilly was the last greatest pundit Fox news will ever have besides Tucker Carlson, but then again. It’s only a matter of time before he’s ousted too on Trumped up charges of Sexual assault.

LibertyOneTV is set to launch Monday, September 25th. This bold new network will be the rival to Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze”, and Mark Levins “CRTV” in hopes to bring a more diverse group of Conservatives ( Like myself” to the table. Joe Biggs, who left Infowars to pursue his own path will be one of the many talented show hosts. As you all know, Biggs is an avid seeker of the truth and is willing to risk his own life to bring the American people the truth. We all saw that during the 2016 Nice Terrorist Attacks when Biggs found his way past red tape to get the first photographs of the suspected terrorists. Conservative Network

LibertyOne has signed Officer Dominick Izzo is a former 16-year veteran police officer, public servant, political candidate and Warrior for Christ. Izzo will educate you on the Police, and give you a better understanding of what it’s like to be in the shoes of a police officer. Izzo will help ease the anti-cop rhetoric with cold hard facts and a beautiful smile.

Robert Zerfing Aka The Common Sense Conservative will also be in the lineup. Robert is an investigative journalist who isn’t afraid to put his life at risk either. Robert has attended many Antifa, and Anti Trump rallies all over the pacific north-west. It’s just common sense!

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze has been in trouble for some time now and has had to let go the majority of their staff. CRTV is still small, but a great place to listen to Conservative content. For the most part, LibertyOneTv will not be an Anti-Trump platform, but a one that wants the Trump administration to succeed! No RINO’S or Fake Conservatives here!

I’m also on Libertyonetv. My show will be “Straight Talk W/ The Gay Republican, and for the most part will call out the left, and hold them accountable. I will be bringing you conservativism with a twist! It will be fun, and I will help open your eyes that not all gays are liberal purse carrying faggots!

Libertyonetv brings you not just personality, but everyday blue-collar Americans who want their voices to be heard.  The best thing about it? It’s completely uncensored. That’s right. Not only will anything be said, but everyone who needs to be exposed will be exposed. There won’t be any snowflakes or anti-cop pundits. LibertyOneTv is the beacon for free speech.

If you’re looking for a new, and network that you can actually relate to, then LibertyoneTv is for you.

Sign up today! 

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