Survey: Americans Agree with Trump, Not the NFL

Americans Agree With Trump

Survey: Americans Agree With Trump Not NFL

The last week has been a roller coaster ride. Every day, we turn on the news, and it’s strictly Trump bashing and NFL protesting. Why is that? The mainstream media want you to think that the vast majority of Americans are standing with our president, and against the politically correct NFL. I’ve said this time, and time before, but I will say it again. NFL players are to be seen, not heard. They’re here for our entertainment. We pay them by attending their games and buying their merchandise. In reality, they work for us. What leftists can’t seem to understand is the fact that WE THE PEOPLE stand with President Trump. We’re going to vote him in a second term, and we’re going to support everything he does. Don’t get me wrong. If he starts rounding up Jews, then WE THE PEOPLE will destroy him, but that’s NEVER going to happen. Trump’s doing one thing that Barack Obama never did, He’s uniting PATRIOTS, and exposing the Anti-American scum!




Couldn’t agree more Joe!

Breitbart Reported:

The Remington Research Group has just conducted a public poll, which shows two things very clearly. First, the American people agree with Donald Trump when it comes to NFL anthem protests. Second, if the NFL doesn’t cease allowing their league to become a fashion show for narcissistic SJW-wannabes, college football will be the most popular sport in America within five years.

While this is only one survey this is a survey conducted after President Trump declared war on NFL protesters in Alabama last Friday night, and if this poll is any indication, that war is already over.

The survey addresses the Trump factor directly:

Q7: Last week, Donald Trump said NFL players should stand and be respectful during the national anthem. Do you think NFL players should stand and be respectful during the national anthem?

Yes: 64%
No: 25%
Unsure: 11%

Q8: On Sunday, a number of NFL players knelt during the national anthem in protest of Donald Trump’s statements, including players from your favorite team. Does this make you more likely or less likely to watch your favorite team’s games in the future?

More likely: 30%
Less likely: 50%
No difference: 20%

That two-question sequence is devastating for the NFL. Within the space of those questions, the poll establishes that a significant majority of the American people agree with what Trump said in Alabama on Friday night. Moreover, it also shows that the NFL’s response to President Trump was a complete failure.

To read more about the study please visit Breitbart!

Colin Kaepernick should be held accountable, well he actually is because he can’t seem to find a job. What people don’t understand is if the NFL normalizes this kind of disrespect, Kaepernick will find his way back on the field. Let me be honest, if WE THE PEOPLE keep boycotting these sorry bastards, and create such a financial crisis within the NFL, then we can control the situation. I’m very proud to burn my Texans jersey, and I hope everyone follows suit, and burn their merch.
Keep your signed memorabilia from retired players unless they’re fueling the fire!


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