RUPAUL PISSED: ISIS Fighters Dressing In Drag To Escape Mosul

ISIS Fighters Dressing In Drag

RUPAUL PISSED: ISIS Fighters Dressing In Drag To Escape Mosul

Looks like RUPAUL Might Just Have Some Competition.

Let me be very clear here. Yes, I’m gay, but I also think Drag Queens are disgusting. Who enjoys wearing women’s clothing? Mentally disturbed people. Well looks like ISIS has decided they’re going to join the cast of RUPAUL’S Drag Race. ISIS Fighters Dressing In Drag just sounds disgusting.

I thought ISIS didn’t approve of homosexuals? Can we tell the difference here? Hell no. Maybe it’s time to chop their heads off, or throw them from buildings? Well, The Iraqi Army is already doing that.

Reported by The Blacksphere: 

Soldiers approach the panicked man, who is taunted and beaten by several men. The captive is then forced to a precipice, then hurled onto the motionless body of another man below.

What the video won’t show you is the brutality of the ISIS terrorist prior to his capture. Leftists wholly ignore the brutality of the real criminal. Because as we know, the brutality of Islam doesn’t fit the narrative.

As for the method of execution by what might be Iraqi soldiers, it is the same execution method used by ISIS. I’m sure they love the irony, having found their comrade dead in identical fashion.

But ISIS doesn’t just kill that way in war, they kill that way for any number of reasons. We’ve chronicled gays being thrown from buildings. Where are the bleeding-heart leftists then?

According to the BBC, an interior ministry spokesman said that if the video – purportedly filmed in recently-liberated Mosul – was genuine then the soldiers involved will be brought to justice.

Tell Me What You Think Of These Queens?

 ISIS Fighters Dressing In Drag ISIS Fighters Dressing In Drag

Chicks On The Right Reports: 

Looks like ISIS fighters are turning to drag, but I doubt any of them will be crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar (AHEM Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 10: Ladies of ISIS?) any time soon.

ISIS has been defeated in Mosul, so remaining fighters are trying to flee undetected. Somehow, this is what they came up with.

A Jihadist attempted to flee Mosul in a disguise similar to a pantomime dame, but was caught when he forgot to shave off his beard and moustache.


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