LGBTQ Fascist Pride Parade Doesn’t Support Equality!


LGBTQ Fascist Pride Parade Doesn’t Support Equality!

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As a non-active member of the LGBTlol community, I would LOVE to give you my unpopular opinion.

Being gay is like being White, Black, Asian, Latino, Tall, Short, Skinny, Fat… it doesn’t mean shit. There is NOTHING to celebrate, but the community of gays believe we HAVE to celebrate being sexually attracted to the same sex. Call me a bigot, but I feel this is bullshit, and shouldn’t be celebrated.  Every been to a “Pride Parade/Festival?” If you haven’t, don’t waste your time, money or energy. They’re FULL of perversion. There isn’t much “Pride” like there should be. EVERYTHING is about Sex.  Sex is the main attraction. You see men, and women either half, or fully naked at these events, and it’s disgusting. NO ONE wants to see a 60-year-old man with saggy balls, and a beer gut walking around. I mean if you’re into that, then so be it, but the rest of the world doesn’t want to see it.

Men and women of all ages take part in the festivities. I’ve been to a few, and I will say this. NEVER again. Why does it always have to do with sex? If you remember, Pride used to actually mean something.  This meme PERFECTLY explains it. 


The meme isn’t even a dent. I’ve witnessed LIVE PUBLIC BDSM acts, Orgies, and borderline pedophilia. The whole “Daddy, Son” acts are disgusting. As an openly gay man, I OPENLY condemn this shit. It’s disgusting, and the rest of the normal world doesn’t want to see it. If you’re gay, then, by all means, celebrate it, but the over sexualization has GOT TO GO! Whenever I finally decide to have children, I do NOT want them to be exposed to this bullshit.

The Real Fascist

The Gay community has always promoted their own version of equality. Their version isn’t exactly equal. Their mentality is ” Think EXACTLY like us, or you can’t sit with us”. Beyond skewed. In the age of Trump, If you’re gay, and voted for him, you’ve been shunned. I’ve never joined therefore Fuck Them. The Advocate wrote a piece on me once. Apparently, I have internal hatred for myself.  They trashed not only me but my family. The trolls United, and tried to take me down. I won because well, I’m still here. Trump is by far the most pro-LGBT Republican to ever be elected President, and these idiots still hate him. Then again, the Democratic party has brainwashed them. The left supports ISLAM and Sharia. It’s been proven more than a billion times. I don’t fully think The Gay Left understands that. Islam openly calls for public execution of anyone who’s gay, or suspected of being gay. ISIS throws gay’s off buildings, but the left gives them a pass, and won’t even openly condemn them. I guess they think like that dumb bitch Katy Perry who claims we just need to “Love Terrorist, and they will stop blowing everyone up”. No bitch, you WILL die that way.


No one is allowed to attack the Obama girls, but boy will these faggots attack the Pro-Gay Ivanka Trump. 

Gay Pride doesn’t exist.  Sex is celebrated behind the rainbow flag. Go to Folsom Street fair, actually, don’t it’s disgusting. Well, San Fran is a shit hole, and the festival only validates that. I’m sure Harvey Milk NEVER is rolling in his grave. What a REAL Patriot for the Gay Rights Movement.


Let Me Finish.

I’m Gay, and I do NOT celebrate this bullshit. I celebrate being an American, and living in the greatest country on earth. So you all can take that “Gay Pride” and shove it right up your asses, and put some damn clothes on. YOU are the real disgrace. Ya Faggots.



Ethan Sabo

Author: Ethan Sabo

Openly Gay Conservative Republican Stomping The Stereotype! Fighting For Freedom & Against Political Correctness!

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