Why Weak Minded Men Vote Socialist!

Why Weak Minded Men Vote Socialist!

There’s something to say about the little snowflakes that voted for Bernie Sanders!

Here’s what I have to say about it all.

Take a look at male Bernie Sanders supporters. Who are they? What’s their fashion like? Where do they go to school? How many of them know the exactly what Socialism is? I’m here to tell you that these Feeble-minded cucks are by far the biggest disappointment to the male gender. Most of them still live at home. Let’s think on that for a second. When you think of someone who lives at home with their parents you think of children still going to grade school yeah? Wrong. These pussies are still living at home because they can’t handle the real world. They’re so fucked up in the head because their gender studies professor taught them to rely on someone else, and not themselves.


Socialism is,  “a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.” AKA Hi, we’re the government, and we’re going to tell you what you can, and can’t do. We’re going to take 60% of your total income, and give it to everyone who doesn’t want to get up off their asses, and get a job like you have.

Thanks, sucker!


The perfect example of modern socialism is in the country of Venezuela. The Government has collapsed, and the people are literally starving to death.  Serves them right. Instead of standing up, and fighting for freedom, they keep voting in socialist politicians who rob them blind. I feel sorry for the children, not the adults.

The Weak Minded Pussies

The majority of the time, men who vote for Socialism is, in fact, weak minded pussies. They can’t handle the life. Going out, and getting a job isn’t right. It makes them feel like a slave. The pussies feel like actually feel like they’re contributing to society fighting the system, while we go to work every day, and pay a shit ton of taxes while they collect government welfare paid for by WE THE PEOPLE! socialismThose of us who’re strong minded, and can handle our own basically pay for their existence. We enable them. You might not think you do, but you do. Most of the time you will see these pussies give up, and get pissed. They will rely on someone else to help solve their problems.Example, How many hipsters do you know can change a tire? You might find one or two out of a million. How many of these pussies can provide for their families? Not many. They rely on the taxpayers to pay for their housing so they can keep their Spotify premium accounts, and get more tattoos. Now listen, don’t get me wrong. Not all socialist are shitty people. Many are business owners, and or middle-class Americans, but because they were taught that everyone owes THEM something they will eventually fail. I could go on, and on about how useless these people really are….. so


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