EPIC Video: Crowd Chants “CNN SUCKS” at Trump Rally in Harrisburg.


EPIC: Crowd Chants “CNN SUCKS” at Trump Rally in Harrisburg.

President Trump is no friend of the mainstream media. We know this.

Their “Fake News” reporting, and failed attempt to elect Hillary Clinton is enough to piss you off!


President Trump held a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on April 29th, the same night as the White House correspondents dinner in Washington, DC. Trump had mentioned several times that he wouldn’t be in attendance. He would rather be speaking to REAL AMERICANS, and not the fake news. President Trump held nothing back. Calling CNN, and MSNBC “Fake News” is something he’s done since the primaries. It comes to no surprise the crowd felt the same way. The video below shows EXACTLY what Trump supports think about CNN!



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