Reported 13 arrests at Tax Day Rallies across the country

Saturday April 15th turned out thousands of protestors in events across the country, demanding President Donald Trump release his full IRS tax returns.

On the deadline for millions of Americans to file their federal returns was met with nearly 13-arrests at rallies and protests, where in California, this turned violent. In Oregon, Democratic Senator Ron Wyden told a crowd of hundreds at Capitol Hill, “Today, across American we are taking the gloves off to say it’s time to knock off the tax rip-off. No more Cayman Islands tax breaks … no more Wall Street tax breaks. It’s time to knock off the secrecy Mr. President and release your own tax returns.”

As of early Saturday evening, 13-people were arrested in Berkley, California, when Trump supporters clashed with protestors. The Mercury News reports of fights breaking out, which forced  police in riot gear to use pepper spray to subdue the crowd. Police even confiscated fireworks that were set off at the event.

It was those Trump supporters holding a free speech rally in a downtown park that were interrupted by anti-Trump protestors.

Across the country, about 150-protests went down, largely organized by the group, whose executive committee includes a former Occupy Wall Street protester. On it’s website it reads, “The Tax March is a movement gaining momentum around the country to demand transparency and fairness from our commander in chief.”

Trevor Dierdorff, El Paso County Republican Party chairman and head of a pro-Trump event in Colorado Springs said, “Their whole message is they want to see the president’s tax returns. I care far more about his policy than his tax returns.”

The largest event was held in Seattle, Washington, with other large events held in Chicago, Florida and New York City.Others helping organize events Saturday included labor unions and activist groups such as and Common Cause.

The President was met by protesters in south Florida, going from his golf club to his Mar-a-Lago resort home, as hundreds of people along his motorcade’s path demanded that he release his returns.

At the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Borderland Alternative Media’s very own journalist Joe Biggs attend an anti-Trump tax rally. In this video, you can see Bigg’s friend Mike Cernovich get assaulted.

Tensions seem  to be running higher by the day, while liberals are becoming seemingly more and more aggressive. Biggs went to the Austin Tax Rally on the South Lawn of the Texas Capitol Grounds. A couple hundred people gathered to hear speakers, live music, food trucks, and other activities to make it a “fun and family-friendly day at the Capitol” while demanding President Trump to release his taxes.

The idea for the march could be a direct response to a January appearance by White House counselor Kellyanne Conway after saying on ABC News saying, “We litigated this all through the election. People didn’t care. They voted for him.” Comments lit up social media and grassroots organizers began circulating plans for this weekend’s events.




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