Guess what Democrats? Your precious Obama deported more people than Trump has!

Deportations during President Donald Trump’s first 3-months unfortunately are lagging behind the same time period for the last 2-years of the Obama Administration.

 Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says the agency removed more than 54,000 people under Trump’s watch, but in the same time period last year, ICE deported more than 62,000 individuals.

During that same period in 2015, nearly 60,000 were removed. However, arrests of undocumented immigrants have risen in the first few months of Trump’s Administration.

Since Trump’s January inauguration, in his first 2-months as President, ICE arrested roughly one-third more people than in the previous year, and more than double the number of non-criminal immigrants than the previous year.

 ICE says they are targeting people who are a threat to “national security, public safety and border security.” Under the Trump Administration, no undocumented immigrants are exempt from potential deportation.

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