SEE IT: Trucker’s ‘Special’ Pic Of Obama Goes VIRAL Because Of What He’s Hauling…

I think that we can all agree that Obama is full of… well, full of crap! Now we have a photo that PROVES he’s full of it and we think you will LOVE it!

A photo of Obama on the back of a ‘septic tank pumping’ truck made it’s way on Facebook and it is hilarious!

Take a look!


The photo appeared on the Facebook page “Its So ‘Dumb and Stupid’ -Its Funny..”

Here’s a sample of the reaction.



Pretty funny stuff right there huh?

The pic is quite accurate if you think about it. Obama has consistently spewed his crap for the past 8 1/2 years.

The trucker dumps his loads at a safe disposal location- Obama dumps his all over America.

God Bless. 

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