Meet a Victim of the UK’s Muslim-Immigrant Rape Gangs


It was a warm summer evening in a northeastern seaside town when Chelsey Wright, 26, and her mother headed out of the house to spend some quality time together and have a few drinks.

Within hours, mother and daughter became separated and Chelsey found herself feeling dizzy in a nearby bar. Having consumed only three drinks, she knew something wasn’t right. 

Before she knew what was happening, Chelsey woke up in a strange house, wearing only her underwear and surrounded by Middle Eastern migrants. It was at this moment she realised what had happened, her drinks had been spiked and she had been raped. 

As she tried desperately to escape, she was thrown down a flight of stairs, choked and dragged back up by her hair. The men continued to abuse her until she managed to escape the house, running screaming into the road. A nearby neighbor witnessed the scene and described seeing Chelsey in hysterics, running from the men without shoes or the dress she had been wearing earlier that night. She managed to escape but not before the men had dragged her back into the house, pulling her by her hair.After her dramatic escape, Chelsey went to the Northumbria Police who initially made six arrests after a rape exam showed two counts of semen on her body, one of which was actually found inside her. The men, however, were soon released on bail and moved to a safe house for their protection. 

Almost a year later the police have refused to press charges and no prosecution has been made. The men remain on bail, currently living in a safe house funded by the UK taxpayer. 

Here is the full video of Chelsey’s interview 

Today, Tommy Robinson, Chelsey’s family, The Rebel and I have set up a campaign. #JusticeForChelsey. For too long the police and the Crown Prosecution Service have been able to ignore, forget and purposely fail these young girls, all for the sake of political correctness and a fear of being called racist. In Rotherham the police purposely covered up what was happening to 1,400 girls and intentionally destroyed evidence. In Sunderland, Chelsey’s town, they haven’t even interviewed key witnesses.

That’s why we are demanding that the Independent Police and Crime Commissioner in Chelsey’s area, a Dame no less, personally intervene to make sure justice is done. You can Watch the full video below to hear Chelsey talk about the case in her own words and find out more about the heart-wrenching ordeal. 

In the UK the statistics are staggering, Pakistani muslims make up 4% of the UK demographic, yet they account for 90% of rape gang convictions. Clearly there is a problem and it has been left to people like you and I to do something about it.

The first step in tackling this is to be able to even acknowledge the issue, something the police and the courts refuse to do. We must call it what it is without fear of being called racist. Once we, as a population can do that, we can begin prosecuting and dealing with this, and we can finally see justice for these girls.

To anyone who might be reading this in Canada or the US; this problem is coming. These ‘refugees’ and the bureaucrats who put them on our doorstep have you clearly in their sights. Unless you take action now, Rotherham and Sunderland may well become Toronto and DC.

20 thoughts on “Meet a Victim of the UK’s Muslim-Immigrant Rape Gangs”

    1. They need to bring in their army, surround the whole community, and march them over the cliffs of Dover!. When will the world rise up and rid itself of these animals?.

    1. they would rather arrest a englishman for something petty than a muslim for rape this country is fucked cos the police are scared when the race card comes out

  1. Just one point – they weren’t covered up “for the sake of political correctness and a fear of being called racist” It’s worse than that.

    Their stated reason for covering up these crimes is ‘fear of playing into the hands of the far right’. There’s a subtle but important difference.

    They want to keep the crimes quiet because of how exposure of the crimes will hurt them politically. That means that the suffering of the victims means less to them than the importance of maintaining their own political power.

    ‘Playing into the hands’ of the rival ‘team’ – like this is all a game. Imagine treating rape gangs like a political game! That’s the level of amoral psychopathy we’re dealing with in the British political establishment.

    1. Still Justice must be Delivered &Keep it out from Media, But Without Justice, Victims &Their Relatives will Take Matter in their hands & This will lead to Chaos, then Civil unrest, or more than that…

  2. We will have a very nasty surprise for these vermin IF our government here in the US caves to them ! There are more gun owners here than we have police officers ! If th courts and our government won’t deal with them, rest assured , WE WILL !!! WITH EXTREME PREDJUDICE !!!!!!

  3. It’s got to the point where the public do not believe the media police or leaders anymore their covering of these crimes shows they have no connection with the public… there is only one wayvthis will go if we do not really do something about it…all this covering is feeding the far right so by covering to stop the rise in fat right opinion has actually done the opposite….how can anyone listen to this girl and read the amount it is happening not be angry sick and disgusted is beyond the left so left that they have list their sense feeling and humanity…

  4. When vigilantes rise up to administer street justice on these criminals, the left will scream and wring their hands and have a fit. However, they will have no one to blame but themselves.

    The police should be ashamed. They are a disgrace to all in law enforcement.

  5. Historical truth Mohammad was a murrdering evil pedofile ,this is not a religion of peace .wake up world

  6. and this is exactly what happens in sweden and the exact same reaction and treatment of how they are handling it in sweden. wake up idiots. it won’t go away just because you want it to. they will do this to your daughters. your sisters. anything female. don’t kid yourself. a rape is a rape no matter the religion, the country of origin, etc. karma’s a bitch……

  7. It’s too late because the real problem is not the immigrants, as bad as they are. The real problem is equality. The West has gone down the equality rabbit hole.

    If we are all equal, then how did the West get ahead? It cheated.

    How do you fix the problem? You flood the West with 3rd world immigrants until the West looks a lot more like all the other countries on the planet. Then we can have real equality:

    Equality within nations (communism), and equality between nations (globalization, immigration)

    People want equality and now they are going to get it.

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